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mr.Watson is a Rotterdam based start-up that has a whole lot of passion for building communities!
Increasing the added value of a group of people and companies that share a common ground. Literarily common ground, since mr.Watson is especially focused on building communities in coworking spaces.

Currently we are active in fifteen coworking spaces, in two countries. There are six people working at mr.Watson. Including the two co-founders Bart van der Zande & Fabian van den Berg. 

The team is located in Katshoek, a new co-working spot with a vibrant community. A unique environment for us because we have a group of users surrounding us that help us get better every day.

mr.Watson offers a unique private social network for coworking space and share community concepts and inspiration all focused on increasing the sense of community. All for a monthly fee that depends on the amount of users. 

We are continuously developing both our product, concepts and knowledge. Based on the experience we get from different coworking spaces and the research that is done by us and many others around the world.

We build communities in coworking spaces. Because people are far more important than bricks.